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Hot topics - Environmental

  • Dr Stephen Mudge, University of Wales, Bangor, UK, on environmental soil forensics of soil and sediments.
  • Professor Ken Killham, University of Aberdeen & Remedios, UK, on toxicological fingerprinting of pollution incidents in soils and waters.
  • Dr Wayne Isphording, University of South Alabama, USA, on the use of the heavy metal components of soils in civil and criminal investigations.
  • Dr Jurian Hoogewerff, University of East Anglia, UK, on spatial provenance modelling for food and other natural products.
  • Brooke-Anne Weinger, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, USA, on the rapid, reliable and reviewable mineral identification with infrared microprobe analysis.
  • Professor Leigh Burgoyne, Flinders University, Australia, on DNA-typing soils and trace detritus from drug seizures using DNA arrays to assess the products from high-gain amplifications.
  • Dr David Carter, University of Nebraska, USA, on testing for gravesoil.

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