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Hot topics - Criminal

  • Ms Jo Ashworth, Head of Physical Evidence, National Police Improvement Agency, UK, on how soil forensic evidence is used in investigations and evidence in court.
  • Patricia Wiltshire, University of Aberdeen, UK (who featured in Channel 5’s ‘The Body Farm), on the use of biological trace evidence from soil, from case studies such as the’ Soham murders’ and ‘Ipswich murders’.
  • Mr Mark Harrison, MBE, National Search Adviser, National Police Improvement Agency, UK, on locating concealed homicide victims using geoforensic techniques.
  • Dr James Robertson, of the Forensic Laboratories of the Australian Federal Police, Australia, on the importance of soil forensics in criminal investigation.
  • Dr Rob Fitzpatrick, Director of the Centre for Forensic Soil Science, Australia, on casework on the use of forensic soil science in Australia.
  • Professor Murray Lark, Rothamsted Research, UK, on tackling uncertainty in evidence from forensic investigations of soils.
  • Dr Brad Lee, Purdue University, USA, on the use of soil properties in provision of evidence for identifying stolen rare palm trees from an exotic collection in San Diego, using soil properties.
  • Dr David Carter, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA, on a test for gravesoils operational in different environmental conditions.
  • Professor Colin Aitken, University of Edinburgh, UK, on understanding and communicating scientific uncertainty in the evaluation of evidence.
  • Professor Leigh Burgoyne, Flinders University, Australia, on the interpretation of detritus from drug seizures using DNA techniques.
  • Dr Mark Tibbett, University of Western Australia, Australia, presenting results from experiments from around the world on body decomposition to provide information on gravesites for use in court.
  • Stefan Uitdehaag, NFI, The Hague, The Netherlands, on the combined extraction of pollen, diatoms and phytoliths from soil samples.

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