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Media Coverage

30 October 2007

BBC News produced a web-page entitled "Crime experts debate soil science" with a link to a four minute audio clip from "Good Morning Scotland" including an interview with Dr Lorna Dawson.

A 90 second video clip is available from BBC News, and another from STV.

STV also ran an item on Rebus creator Ian Rankin meeting real-life CSIs from across the world at the conference, and a video clip with Professor David Miller.

The Press and Journal also ran an article.

20 October 2007

The Times dedicated a whole page to an interview with the Macaulay Institute's Dr Lorna Dawson in advance of the conference. The article also featured the use of soil forensics in recent criminal cases.

19 October 2007

The journal Science ran a feature entitled 'Dirty Science: Soil Forensics Digs into New Techniques', which included the MacaulayInstitute's EPSRC funded SoilFit project.

The Press and Journal also spoke to Dr Lorna Dawson about the conference.

4 October 2007

An article entitled 'The 2nd International Soil Forensics Conference' appeared in Police Professional magazine.